Former Sadowski employer was surprised at revelation

Tonight we know more about the baby-sitter that shocked everyone when she turned out to be a man.

The Dyersburg children he is accused of kidnapping are NOT the first children he watched.

Before Edward Sadowski worked in Dyersburg, he worked in Memphis...serving as a nanny for two other families, who never knew his secret.

David Burruss met Edward Sadowski as "Ericka" in Memphis -- back in 1996, when he and his wife needed a sitter for their baby girl.

"It was kind of strange when we first met her because she is kind of masculine but we ignored it," Burress said.

Ignored it, he says, because Sadowski came HIGHLY recommended.

"We got a reference on her from a Memphis City Police Officer, a sergeant, that she had been watching their children for a while and he said she was just outstanding," he said.

Burruss said Sadowski lived with them for five years, and lived up to his reputation.

"She was a great person, she treated my daughter great, and my daughter loved her," he said.

The arrangement ended in 2001 when Burruss' daughter started school.

Burruss then recommended the nanny to another family, Sarah and Robert Garner of Dyersburg...the couple whose children Sadowski is accused of kidnapping.

"So unfortunately Saturday when I heard it I had just an overwhelming feeling of guilt...if I would've never introduced them it never would've happened," he said.

Burruss said Sadowski never hurt his daughter, and he doesn't believe he intended to hurt the Dyersburg children, but he says everyone was hurt by the lies.

"The deception for 5 years, that's the only thing that I'm really upset about," he said.

Still, Burruss says he has great respect for the man he knew as Ericka.

"I know I keep referring to her as a she but as far as I'm concerned it's still Ericka," he said. "That's who raised my daughter."

Edward Sadowski has a court appearance Thursday. David Burruss says he plans to be there to show his support.