Church members gather to pray for pastor's family

Photos of the missing family hung outside their church all day on Thursday as people came to pray for eight year old Patricia, six year old Allie, one year old Breanna, and their mom Mary Winkler.

Prayers were later answered.

John Mehr with the TBI says, "They were found alive and well."

The congregation was still gathered at the church when the news came in.

A local church member said, "It's great news...the only good news we've heard."

"We're exceptionally pleased they were found," continues another church member.

The mother and daughters were last seen Selmer on Tuesday one day before Matthew Winkler was found murdered inside the family's home. This community's attention now turns to what happened and why.

Another fellow church member says, "That's probably the biggest question and why."

"It's still kind of a mystery...lots of unanswered questions," says one church elder.

Meantime, investigators are focusing their attention on Mary Winkler.

TBI investigator John Mehr says, "I would say she is a suspect at this time."

Authorities were planning to question Mary Winkler in Orange Beach late Thursday night.