Police find bodies inside Memphis home

Homicide detectives roped off access to three houses here, while they picked apart this one property. We know very little tonight about what the inside of this house looks like. We know simply that in the home where two missing people lived... police have now found two bodies.

Police brought the body bags out in the dark... putting them into two waiting ambulances.

Wrapping up the mystery of a crime scene that had been fully involved for hours with simple answers... and leaving massive questions about what ACTUALLY happened here.

Tony Armstrong with the Memphis police department says, "We have discovered the bodies of two people. One appearing to be a male white. The other appearing to be a female white. We are not releasing anything as far as the cause of death until we have a ruling from the medical examiner."

For nearly a week, police in Tunica have been looking for James and Stephanie Smith. Memphis police checked their East Parkway home Wednesday and - by all appearances - left empty handed.

But a day later, their find was more substantial.

Neighbor Rebecca Likens knew them and said they kept to themselves.

Neighbor Rebecca Likens says, "They lead a very quiet lifestyle. I can't imagine what happened to them. From the lifestyle that they live, there's nothing suspicious... there's not people in and out of the house all the time."

But another neighbor, Rachel Guthridge, tells us people had begun to notice strange things at the house. The couple's cars had disappeared. Someone had moved their garbage cans. Their pit bulls had stopped barking.

Neighbor Rachel Guthridge says, "Everyone had their suspicions about what was going on in that house and everything, but we never really had a conversation with them or anything but basically just keep to themselves."

They too will have to wait just a little bit longer to find out what really happened here.