Nanny accused of kidnapping appears in Dyersburg court

The Dyersburg nanny accused of kidnapping was back in court Friday.

Edward Sadowski, also known as Erika, was scheduled for a preliminary hearing. Sadowski is accused of taking two little girls she babysat for back on March 17. The children's mother was also in court today prepared to testify in the hearing, but that never happened. The proceedings were postponed after a 20 minute meeting between Sadowski's public defender and prosecutors.

"We are in discussions with the state and we feel like its in Ms. Sadowski's best interest that we appear next Friday and we will appear at that point which way we intend to go," said Sadowski's court appointed lawyer, Jimmy Lanier.

Dyer County Attorney General Phillip Bivens said those discussions included evidence.

"Evidence is continuing to be developed we're providing them with that evidence and it may or may not be necessary to have a preliminary hearing," Bivens said.

Sadowski's next court appearance is set for March 31.