Police still investigating Tate County shootout

Larry Mosely was killed in the Tate County shootout Friday morning.

He was wanted for questioning in the murder of his uncle James Smith and his uncle's wife, Stephanie.

On Friday, Action News Five's Kontji Anthony spoke with one of Mosely's immediate family members...who didn't want to reveal her identity... because she says she's concerned for her family's safety.  She's concerned for her family's safety because she fears drugs may be involved. 

But she revealed Mosely's state of mind after the Smiths disappeared.

Larry Mosely's family member said she can't get a grip on the possibility that Mosely murdered his own nephew.

She's related to the accused killer.. and the victims.

Mosely family member says, "This whole thing is sickening."

She says she talked to Mosely after James and Stephanie Smith were reported missing.

"He seemed to be as concerned as I was but when I asked questions about could it be over drugs, their disappearance..." continued a Mosely family member.

The family member continues, "The more I picked his brain, it seemed the more he shied away from the phone that day."

She's distraught over so many unanswered questions.

"What could provoke a person like that to murder two innocent people that had just started their lives," continues the family member.

She says James Smith just got a new job, bought a new car and planned to build a home.

Her hardest challenge now is facing Stephanie Smith's family.

"And not feeling like you can never say you're sorry enough," continues the family member.

She said she has one question: why?

The family member continues, "And I don't think, if he could answer back, that he could give me an answer even then to justify it."

But with Mosley now dead, she says she'll never know.

The family wants to know more specifics about the case.

That's exactly what investigators are looking into right now.

They're also investigating the death of the man in the car with Mosely in Tate County this morning.

They say Frank Mosely was Larry's father.