Selmer residents react to murder mystery

By Friday afternoon, it appeared everybody in Selmer knew that Mary Winkler confessed to shooting her husband Matthew in the back before her taking her three children on a multi state road trip.

Selmer police chief Neal Burks says, "It is a big shock."

You can count Selmer's police chief as one of those surprised by this crime.

"Especially people in the church because to them this was a happy couple...nobody could understand why this happened," Burks continues.

There are many theories making their way around town but so far no concrete motive.

Selmer resident Layne Pierce says, "To everybody, this was an all American family, but you never know what's going on."

The Winkler murder has been on the tip of every tongue at Pierce's beauty salon.

"Everybody has been talking about's just the talk of the town," Pierce continues.

While this real life drama is fodder for cheap talk, some prefer to keep their opinions to themselves until the facts come out.

Selmer resident Joy Nichols says, "You don't know about all the details so you should not talk about it because you don't really know."

For now, Mary Winkler may be the only person who does.