Minister's wife returns to Selmer, church mourns

In Selmer, members of the Fourth Street Church of Christ are banding together - not only to cope with the loss of their preacher, but to support the family that's left behind.

Early Saturday evening, Mary Winkler returned to Selmer in the custody of the McNairy County Sheriff's Department.

Church members were out planting flowers and changing lightbulbs in front of the church today. Matthew Winkler planned this spring clean-up before he was killed. Some members talked about cancelling it in light of everything that's happened - but in the end they decided that this was what Winkler would want them to do.

Action News 5 talked with one member - John Foote.

He says the congregation is reserving judgement about Mary Winkler, who's charged with killing her husband. For now, they're standing by her - in spite of her alleged confession.

"We understand she has to answer for that. But it doesn't mean we don't love her - the Lord tells us we're supposed to love each other no matter what - we still love her and we're still going to support her," said church member John Foote.

And, of course, they are supporting the three Winkler daughters in any way they can. As for finding a new church leader - church elders will choose that person. No word on when they plan to do that.