Sheriff talks about transporting Winkler

Members of the church where Matthew Winkler was a preacher held their first Sunday service since his death.

Black ribbons were tied to the doors of Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer.

Security was tight outside during services to shield the grieving churchgoers from from the news media.

Meanwhile, Mary Winkler spent her first full night in the McNairy County after being brought back from Alabama where she fled with the couple's three children.

"She's fine. She had no emotion whatsoever," said McNairy County Sheriff Rick Roten about his trip from Orange Beach, Ala., to Selmer with Winkler. "She was quiet, cooperative...didn't ask any questions, didn't talk about anything."

A picture of Matthew Winkler was printed on the cover of Sunday's church program. Those who attended the service would only say that the sermon was about how to grieve.