Target Five uncovers allegation of misspent tax dollars

A Target Five Investigation has uncovered allegations that a Mid-South Sheriff is spending your money irresponsibly.

Every year State auditors pour over county spending records.

This year, those auditors reviewed credit card statements which some say show longtime Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork improperly spends taxpayer dollars.

"Our Sheriff is supposed to set an example for the citizens of Madison County and be a roll model for people and our children growing up," says Madison County Constable Frankie Lax.

Five years of Sheriff Woolfork's county credit card statements, obtained by Action News Five, show thousands of dollars in travel expenses to places like Orlando, Las Vegas and Nashville, high dollar hotel rooms, pricey meals in and out of town, even a 500-dollar Bose stereo for his office.

"This is blatant abuse, twisting the rules," Lax said.

A group of crusading critics, keeps score of what they call abuses on a website dedicated, in part, to ousting the Sheriff from office.

The motivation is to show the taxpayers of this county, and I happen to be one, that money is being spent erroneously," said webmaster Jon Broc

When, Action News Five tried to question Sheriff Woolfork about his expenses, he turned us down.

Off camera the Sheriff told us the website was "political terrorism," and a "hate site not worth of response"

"He's a cop out," Broc said.  "There isn't one thing on that website that's racist."

Critics say all they want is an explanation for the Sheriff's growing taxpayer funded tab.

Earlier Monday, Sheriff Woolfork told Action News Five he'll provide a written response to our story on Tuesday after speaking to his attorney.

State officials say their audit of Madison County's financial records will be available within the next three weeks.