Cell phone ban on hold

It started with a push to lift the cell phone ban at Memphis City Schools.

This proposal names Ridgeway, Cordova and White Station High Schools to be pilot schools to see if students could be responsible with cell phones on campus.

But that's now on hold.

Monday night, the Memphis City School Board heard concerns over which schools were chosen to launch a cell phone pilot program.

City school board commissioner Tomeka Hart says, "I don't know how, as a board, as a district, we're supposed to know how this pilot works if it's not reflective of our school system.">

Superintendent Carol Johnson explained the schools chosen had fewer Blue Ribbon violations.

Only one school volunteered to be a pilot.

Hart continues, "It's gonna go to all schools, so what about our schools that are having an extreme problem with the Blue Ribbon?"

School Board Member Tomeka Hart also said testing a pilot the last six weeks of school is bad timing.

While parents have differing views on school cell phone use, they agree on how the pilot schools should be chosen.

Parent Thane Wheeler says, "I'm always in support of debate. Let's debate it and let's get it out in the open."

East High parent Cornelius Edwards says, "I think parents should have involvement. They have board meetings every so often. They should pull parents in and make sure they're a part."

Board Member Jeff Warren suggested designing criteria to choose pilot schools.

Warren states,"I think we want to have a certain base level on Blue Ribbon behavior before a school could qualify."

After discussion, the board decided to send the proposal back to committee.

In the meantime, they'll choose a more accurate cross section of schools to take part in the pilot.

After discussion, the board decided to send the proposal back to committee.

The pilot program will go into effect the first six weeks of the fall.