Local and national media overtake Selmer

Satelllite trucks and media crews have overtaken small town Selmer since the murder of Matthew Winkler.

Selmer resident Jason Sebee says, "For this to be a little town, this is a lot of action , it really is."

Selmer, known mainly for a large furniture store isn't used to being in the media spotlight, especially when it involves a murder.

"Things don't happen around here too much so when something does happen, they just like blow it out of proportion," Sebee continues.

Between the media attention and legal work, even small tasks are getting tougher.

Selmer resident Belinda Burcham says, "I had to go up to the courthouse today, cameras were everywhere and stuff. They just get carried away to me."

Some Selmer businesses are benefiting from the attention.

Burcham continues, "It's sad it has to be this way to get business."

At the local Subway, media crews and looky loos mean a boom in business.

"It's been a lot more steadier people coming in I guess looking at everything, what really happened," continues Burcham.

Until that question is answered, Selmer can expect to remain in the media spotlight.