Mary Winkler's attorney says client is depressed

The attorney for the wife of a Selmer minister accused of his slaying says she is very depressed and very sad.

Thirty-two-year-old Mary Winkler made her first court appearance Monday in Selmer. She said nothing at the arraignment except "no sir" in a clear and strong voice when the judge asked if she had any questions about the charges against her. When Winkler shuffled through a side door in chains, several church members in the courtroom sobbed and dabbed at their eyes. Winkler did not look at them but kept her head down.

She is charged in the shooting death of her husband last Wednesday at the church parsonage. Defense attorney Steve Farese said investigators haven't disclosed to him what motive she might have given authorities in her confession. Asked if the couple had marital problems, Farese said (quote), "Have you ever been in a relationship? They all have some problems." Another defense attorney, Leslie Ballin, said he may request a psychological exam for Winkler but declined to answer questions about her state of mind.

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