Campus Crime report

In Campus Crime this week...Memphis police are investigating claims that a South Side High School special education student was inappropriately touched...

The principal sent a letter home to parents on Tuesday...saying there was "an alleged incident" between students inside a classroom...and that a teacher prevented the situation from "escalating."

Students fought with knives, bricks and padlocks...and thieves helped themselves to more than what was on the menu at a charity banquet.

Its all in this weeks campus crime report.

There were 2 Narcotics arrests at Bolton High School and 2 at Collierville High last week

8 and a half grams of marijuana was found on a student at Raleigh Egypt High School.

A police officer assigned to Fairley High School was assaulted when he confronted a man who was not authorized to be on school grounds.

Two Southwind Middle school students were arrested for assault.

A Frayser High School student was hospitalized after a male student punched her and left a 3 inch cut over her eye.

A female at Bellevue Junior High was assaulted with a brick by a male classmate.

Police arrested a St. Benedict High school student for striking a classmate several times in the face and head with a padlock.

Police are investigating allegations of sexual assaults filed by students at both Manassas and White Station High Schools.

Police caught a Vance Middle School student carrying a BB gun.

An American Way Middle School student was caught carrying a knife.

Police say a student from a Hamilton High School science lab threw a bottle of chemicals onto the ground where it exploded.

Police believe a fire was intentionally set in the basement of East High School

At the Margolin Hebrew Academy guests at a benefit dinner were robbed when someone posing as a guest worked the room stealing wallets full of cash and credit cards.

A purse was stolen from a volunteer at Arlington Elementary School after someone busted the passenger window out of her car.