Selmer residents wonder what went on inside Winkler home

The Winkler home in Selmer is quiet as people try to figure out exactly what happened inside one week ago.

Selmer resident Sherry Ray says, "Something went wrong--something went very wrong"

Sherry Ray has kids who attend Selmer Elementary School..

Where Mary Winkler substituted the day before her husband was found dead.

"You never met Mrs. Winkler did you?" continues Ray.

New information has her and others here talking.

According to this report in Newsweek magazine..

The normally introverted Winkler talked incessantly on her cell phone, paced about, and prompted complaints from several teachers.

She reportedly got annoyed with her daughter Patricia--whose third grade class she taught that afternoon.

Basically, Winkler was acting out of character.

It's information that intrigues parents and could be of use to investigators.

Sherry Ray continues, "They know something, they're just not putting it out (and speculation runs the gambit?) absolutely, around here, absolutely"

She's just about heard everything.

The possibility that Mary Winkler may not have been herself simply adds another element to this still evolving story.

You would be absolutely flabbergasted if you heard some of the rumors floating around Selmer.

Obviously, we don't perpetuate rumors.

We'll just have to wait and see if they turn out to be true.