Proposed moratorium nearing end

The moratorium on new development in unincorporated Shelby County is supposed to end in one month. Memphis Area Home Builders Association President, Tim Wilson, says it can't end soon enough because it's hurting everyday people who can't sell their land.

"People have made them offers, but now the whole deal is being held up because the developer can't go forward with his proposed development," he said.

County Commissioner Julian Bolton says the board has to look at the bigger picture.

"There's a very small and elite minority and we have to weigh their interests against the interest of the general public," he said.

Bolton defends the six-month building moratorium as a way to put the breaks on a 20-year trend that he says drains taxpayers.

"Why would you allow for houses to be built in a remote location where there is no school and empty a school that has already been constructed?" he asked.

Wilson calls the moratorium poor planning.

"Trying to draw a line in the sand and just say 'look, we're gonna stop because we didn't do our job', we don't feel is the right thing to do," he said.

The commissioner sees it differently.

"The county has been like a handle that was pulled for resources and we were lacking the adequate planning. Now we have a new plan," Bolton said.

Wilson says the six months was not productive.

"I think the goal was a map to talk about developable areas or not. What we're hearing is there's been no work on the map," he said.

Commissioner Bolton says the planning has been slow.

"Something better have been done on it. We're expecting to get 'em any time now," he said.

Commissioner Bolton adds that if the map is not ready, the county could vote to continue the moratorium.