Police investigate Southaven incident

Conflicting stories Tuesday night in a Southaven neighborhood near Goodman and Greenbrook.

Police were in the Southaven neighborhood for an hour and half.  In fact, police shut down the neighborhood after a report of a man with a gun breaking into a house.

Four girls under the age of twelve were inside the house at the time.

They said someone with a ski mask broke in.

They said the man had a gun.

Three of the girls say they ran outside another says she hid in a bathroom.

Amy Tucker, the girls' mother says, "The bathroom door was opened. She looked him in the way and saw him go down and out the door. She wasn't sure whether he went out the door or somewhere else, she freaked out and went out the window."

Police searched the house but found nothing.

There are some questions as to whether this was a case of overactive imagination but the mother said the girls are adamant this did happen.

Southaven police will continue to investigate.