Search is still on for two people from Tate County

Mississippi police are on the lookout this morning for two people wanted in connection with a murder mystery and investigators say they may be traveling with a child

Investigators in Tate County, Mississippi say Danny Houck was found stabbed to death in his home early Sunday morning. Investigators believe two people, Ashley Bridges and Pedro Lima may have been involved in the killings. Lima is known to be violent. Investigators say the two may have a child with them. Investigators have NOT told us *who* the child belongs to.

But they do believe Bridges and Lima are in Houck's car. It's a dark green, 19-98 Chevrolet Lumina with Mississippi tags: 337-8NF. If you have any information on the suspects...or the missing car call the Tate County sheriff's department 662-562-4434.