Vandals tag Raleigh-Egypt High School with graffiti

Mid-South students got a rude awakening Wednesday morning at Raleigh-Egypt High School.

Vandals struck the school for the second time in two months, tagging much of the exterior of the school with graffiti.

Parent Leatha Carr said her kids will have a tough time learning anything inside Raleigh-Egypt High School, wondering about the graffiti all day.

"All the things they putting up there, I feel like that's the only thing they can spell," she said. "They can't spell anything else. They don't know anything else."

In spite of working security cameras, the vandals sprayed the outside of the entire building with profanity and what the school district calls "known gang signs." Memphis City Schools spokesperson Vince McCaskill said the school district won't know if the graffiti is gang-related until they catch whoever did it.

"We're not going to try to get into whether these are real people associated with groups or folks who are just pretending to be with a group," he said. "All we know is that our building was vandalized. It's going to cost us money to repair the situation, money that could have been used to improve the facility."

Short of providing around-the clock security at every building, McCaskill said district officials are doing all they can.

"What else can we do? When you have people in the community who disrespect facilities, whether its private or public, what can you do to stop them for doing this? That's the million dollar question," he said.

Parents just want the vandalism to stop.

"I don't know why they want other kids to see what they done," said parent Pat Farmer. "It's their garbage, but keep your garbage at your own house."

School officials said the investigation into who committed the vandalism will continue.