Memphis "Dream Team" ready to defend Winkler

Mary Winkler, the woman charged with murdering her preacher husband, is scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning.  When she does, she won't face the judge alone.  Standing beside her will be two defense attorneys that some have dubbed the Memphis Dream Team: Steve Farese and Leslie Ballin.

Farese has been making the rounds on Network and cable television since taking the Mary Winkler murder case.

"I've received 500 calls since this thing begun and getting internet messages from all over the world," Farese said.  He is used to the spotlight, as is Leslie Ballin, Winkler's other attorney.  Both have worked some very high profile, controversial, local cases.

"Each and everyone deserves a fair trial," Farese said. "You don't always represent good people all of the time. Sometimes people have problems."

Farese recently defended actor Anthony Anderson before his rape charge was dropped.

Ballin is representing Jeremy Hunt, the former U of M Tiger Basketaball player charged with rape.  Ballin says that case is set to be dismissed.

Both worked the case of FedEx pilot Howard Michael Mullins when he was accused of beating his wife to death then burning her body.  Mullins was acquitted, and Farese credits the win to a dream.

"My father had just died," Farese said, "and he came to me in a dream, and when I woke up, I had the solution to the problem, and it worked perfectly."

Ballin says he gets varied reactions from the public.

"I get words of encouragement, good job, accolades," he said. "Then again, I've had just the opposite. 'You no good so and so how could you represent somebody, You're no better than so and so.'"

Ballin and Farese say they're willing to take the criticism to make sure everyone gets a fair trial.