Thieves hit Humes Heights neighborhood

Just six months after moving into her new home in the Humes Heights neighborhood...thieves forced Lindsay Rogers to make unwanted home improvements.

Rogers says, "It makes me uneasy to be...I mean, I can't sleep in my own home."

Crooks tossed a cinder-block through one of Lindsay's back windows Monday...then ransacked the house and made-off with whatever they could.

She's not the first victim on her street.

Rogers continues, "Our neighbor on the corner of the street...a man had followed her in her home while she was carrying groceries -- she had her arms full -- and he walked in, took her purse, and you know, walked right back out."

Lindsay's home is in the 27-hundred block of Union.

Police reports show within the past 30 days, thieves hit 35 homes within a one-mile radius of Lindsay's address.

Police also responded to 17 non-residential thefts and 24 thefts from vehicles.

It's enough for Lindsay to take action.

She and her neighbors are now organizing a watch group and circulating this newsletter detailing recent break-ins in the Humes Heights area.

"I just don't think people should feel unsafe in their community and especially your house," says Rogers.

It's a feeling Lindsay hopes to get over in the coming days...but she's not taking any chances.

Rogers continues, "I've taken every security measure to make this place Fort Knox...and I can say it won't happen again but I think it can happen to anybody no matter what you do to your home."

Words of wisdom from a young woman who is now yet another city statistic.