Shelby County Commissioners react to term limit ruling

Joey Hadley helped start the crusade against career county commissioners 13 years ago.

"If two terms is good enough for the president and the governor of this state, it's good enough for anybody," says Hadley.

He was thrilled the Tennessee Supreme Court decided to strike down a lower court's ruling and hold Shelby County Commissioners to just two terms.

"Two and you're through," says Hadley.

By Wednesday afternoon, this major political news hit the airwaves on Mike Fleming's radio show.

"This was a unanimous decision," Fleming told listeners.

"Nobody's indispensable--the graveyards are full of indispensable people," commented guest and term limit supporter Ron Krelstein.

Commissioners caught in the crossfire are mixed on whether to seek another appeal.

"My legal team is reviewing the issue in terms of any constitutional ramifications that term limits may have," says Commissioner Walter Bailey.

"I don't know if there is another legal move you can male--I doubt it," says Commissioner Cleo Kirk.

Those who now claim victory think long-serving commissioners no longer have a legal leg on which to stand.

"I'm hoping it's a done deal," says Hadley.

If an appeal is pursued, it would be to the federal court level. Some believe federal judges may not want to get involved. Walter Bailey tells us he'll make up his mind about any appeal by the end of this week.