Police shut down building used as drug and prostitution house

Mid-South officers shut down a Memphis house Thursday that they said served a triple illegal purpose.  Memphis Police boarded up the duplex, on Eloise, that did double duty as a drug house and house of prostitution.

"We keep saying it.  If you deal drugs in this community we're gonna shut you down," said Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin.
Since January Memphis police have made 21 arrests here for drugs and prostitution.   Those arrests solved other crimes as well.

On the inside of Thursday's bust, police found utter filth.  One side of the home was used for the drug sales of crack, ecstasy, and lortab, and the other side for prostitution.  Police even found a peep hole used by people on the drug side of the house to watch what was going on in the prostitution room.

Despite the arrests and shutdown of the crime-ridden house, some neighbors weren't sure it would help.

"It'll never be safe," said neighbor Antoinette McCiel. "Too many fellas killin' each other."
Not only were arrests made for those behind the drugs and prostitution, the owners of the property were cited as well for numerous violations.  Now they will have to prove they can clean the mess up.

The owners of the home will be in court April 17th to tell a judge what they will do to clean the house up.