Police partner to find deadbeat parents

Shelby county sheriff's deputies Fred Sansone and John Jones partnered up to pounce on deadbeat parents.

They knocked on door after door and got a few answers.

These 2 deputies were among 75 sheriff's dept. personnel hitting the streets and beating the bushes Thursday night for deadbeats.

It's all part of a saturation effort that will run through the weekend.

Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell says, 'We've got to do something a little radical to catch the attention of people who have these obligations."

Those who haven't paid court ordered child support payments make up the largest block of outstanding warrants for the Shelby co sheriff's dept.

They include some 10,000 names.

Luttrell continues, "I would say we're talking about millions of dollars all total for these people that could be put to more worthwhile purposes."

He says the purpose of roundups like this one is to remind deadbeat parents of their obligations both to the law and their children.

Deputies Sansone, Jones, and others will continue to do their part to help whittle down the numbers who get away.