Psychologists study Winkler demeanor

When psychologists delve into the mind of Mary Winkler, the most telling information might come from those who know her best.

Dr. Allen Battle asks, "Did they notice any unusual behavior irrelative to that person's normal behavior?"

Psychologist Allen Battle can't directly comment on Winkler's case but he has been called upon to determine the mindset of suspects in numerous high profile crimes.

Battle contunes, "What they're interested in what is the mental status at the time of the commission at the act."

Winkler's demeanor since her arrest has been described as emotionless...often a symptom of shock.    Her body language has progressively become more childlike and frail. 
Experts say regression is a common coping mechanism for trauma. 
But they two diagnosis are exactly alike.

"Its a very complicated business you have to think as Sherlock Holmes does even though you do not live at, what is it, 421 B Baker street London," continues Battle.

The motivation for murder can range from the very complex, like multiple personalities to something as simple as a fit of fear or rage.

Battle continues, "When the individual becomes intensely emotional rationality goes right out the window."

Battle says with or without a history of mental disorders, everyone has a boiling point...and when that point is reached....

Battle continues, "You have the serious potential for homicide or suicide or both."

Battle says it would be a gross error to judge Mary Winkler based on what little we know about her. And unrealistic to assume any family is without flaws.