School uses Podcast to distribute Hooks presentation

As part of their studies on the Civil Rights Movement, students at Longview Middle School were visited by Frances Hooks Friday morning. Hooks, the wife of civil rights pioneer Dr. Benjamin hooks, stood in for her husband, who was originally scheduled to appear at the school.

At Hooks' presentation, what began as a history lesson on the civil rights movement, became a pep rally for young African American students.

"It's just refreshing and rewarding to see young people with their heads on straight," she told the class.

After Hooks spoke to the class, she and Principal Corey Harris worked together to create a Podcast. Principal Harris said his philosophy is to integrate technology into the learning process, and this way, students who were not there for Mrs. Hooks' talk in class can still hear her speak.

To listen to Longview Middle's Podcast, visit this website and click on the Podcast link.