Medical Examiner's report could offer clues into Winkler death

There have been many theories about what took place inside the house where Matthew Winkler was killed. Appearing Thursday night on Larry King Live, State Medical Examiner Dr. Bruce Levy shed some light on last week's events.

"Mr. Winkler died as a result of a single shotgun wound to his back," he said on the show. Dr. Levy reviewed the preliminary autopsy report and said Matthew Winkler most likely bled to death.

"A shotgun is full of many small metallic pellets," he said. "When they strike the body, it's like a billiard ball effect. They go in every direction and they strike pretty much all the internal organs and cause lots and lots of bleeding, both internally and externally."

According to the Affidavit of Complaint against her, Mary Winkler confessed to shooting her husband. The question has been, how close was she at the time?

"We know based on the appearance of the wound that we're dealing with a general range of somewhere from a couple to a few feet, but the only way to really know for sure is to test fire the weapon and match the pattern with the actual injury that we see," he said.

Dr. Levy says it's possible Matthew Winkler didn't die right away.

"What you're dealing with is a period of time where the person actually needs to bleed to death, and while we never know in any one person how long that's going to be, we do know it takes a certain finite amount time," Levy said.

The medical investigation into Matthew Winkler's is ongoing and may not be wrapped up for several weeks, because medical examiners are waiting to get toxicology tests back.

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