Winkler meets with defense team's psychologist

Mary Winkler met with a forensic psychologist yesterday - hired by her defense team.

But that does not mean the public is any closer to knowing why she may have murdered her husband.


Mary Winkler's attorney says he can't even think about answering that question.

"It certainly assumes a fact and that is that she is responsible," said Winkler's attorney Leslie Ballin.

According to Ballin, it could be weeks or even months before anyone knows the results of Mary Winkler's psychological evaluation. Or whether those results will become part of the defense strategy.

"(I) don't know what the results are," said Ballin. "If it's something that produces a professional opinion that is pertinent to this case, you will see this person at the trial."

In the meantime, Winkler's defense team has hired investigators to look into the Winklers' lives. Ballin says they'll try to get a good picture of the couple - together and separately. They will look at anything that can shed light on Matthew Winkler's murder - and the woman accused of killing him.

"We have a client that is so likable. I think that's accurate...somebody who you would think would be the least likely to commit a violent crime," said Ballin.

And while she'd rather be home with her children, Ballin says Mary Winkler has no plans to ask that she be released from jail before her trial.

Ballin said he and his co-counsel Steve Farese are heading back to Selmer tomorrow to meet with Mary Winkler.

Here's what's next in this case: Medical examiners are waiting to get toxicology tests back on Matthew Winkler. Mary Winkler's case will go to a McNairy County grand jury in June.