More information on what caused Sunday's deadly storms

A killer super cell thunderstorm that spawned a giant tornado hit with a vengeance early Sunday evening across Northern Dyer and Gibson counties, obliterating virtually everything in its path.

I toured the devastated areas first hand.

Take a look at the twisted debris scattered by this monster, long-track tornado.

The violently rotating wind hurled this rowboat 20 feet above the ground then twisted and wrapped it around a power line.

Even sturdy brick homes were no match for one of our Earth's most ferocious storm.

This type of super cell storm is unusual but not unheard of here in the Mid-South.

A strong jet stream just to our North Sunday created the necessary environment to fuel rotating thunderstorms.

Warm moist air flowing in from the Gulf of Mexico can be compared to pouring gasoline on an out of control fire.

Combine that with 80 degree temperatures and plenty of sunshine during the afternoon hours and it was a recipe for disaster.