American Red Cross aids Dyer county residents

The bright sun and blue skies over Dyer County Monday showed stark contrast to the destruction below.

A Sunday night tornado shook the foundation of the people living in its path on Biffle Road.

The Red Cross is now a beacon of hope for them.

"They have just really been doing a great job bringing water and they went around to see if anybody needed a place to stay," said Dyer County resident Jacqueline Ulmer.

One house in Newbern was lifted off its foundation. Everyone inside survived, but now it's time to pick up the pieces.

The Red Cross has dispatched a damage assessment team.

"This used to be the front porch. Now it's the back porch. The two homes next to it. I would look for what's happened to the roof. I would look for the wall structures, the shingles are gone," explained American Red Cross Spokesperson Jack Shock.

The survey helps them determine need.

"They will register for services with a case worker, go through an interview process. That person would help them determine what was lost, what their level of needs are."

The Red Cross follows a three-pronged approach, on-site help, shelter and long-term care. As you can see, there are financial and emotional needs.

"They face a very long and uncertain future. You can look around and you can see what they're facing and what their future, how bleak it must appear to them," said Shock.

The Red Cross has grief counselors ready at a moment's notice to help ease the pain and loss for storm survivors. They urge survivors to call their local chapter to get a case worker and find out what help is available.