Dyer County residents reflect on Sunday storms

Less than a day after a tornado tore through, Dyer county resident Mary McQuarters tends to one of her pets. Both are survivors licking their wounds after the storm ripped apart their lives and Mary's home.

McQuarters says, "It's just gone...I've been here since 1975."

She credits her survival to her brother's home next door. The family was eating dinner when things got scary and the roof caved in. When the ceiling fell in, it sounded like a shot gun and it hit us in the head. Hers is just one of the stories of the devastatingly hard hit community of Millsfield.

Dyer county resident Kathy Ray continues, "Everything is just in ruins."

Just down from the homes that were destroyed sits what's left of the Millsfield Volunteer Fire department. People who normally respond to victims became victims themselves.

It looks the same from nearly every vantage point. The damage took even long time residents by surprise.

"You could see clothes hanging in the trees and other debris...I've never seen anything like it, ever!" says Dyer county resident Bertha Mims.

For now, the search continues for anything salvageable. And people like Mary just hope they can cope with a loss that has yet to fully sink in.