Bradford TN hit hard by storm

On a stretch of road in Gibson county Tuesday, it was tough to see a home in Bradford that hadn't been shredded by Sunday's tornado...Except for one.

Gibson County resident Valerie Veasey says, "Good luck, very good luck, blessed."

Valerie Veasey had some minor damage to her home and had lots of trees torn down.

She knows she's lucky and she's grateful for the help she's already gotten cleaning up.

Veasey continues, "Unbelievable number of people worked in this yard yesterday and some of them I didn't even know their names. three young men from Milan helped us all day long. They brought chainsaws and just pulled up in the yard and said 'what can we do'."

While there are many volunteers, there are also many for profit businesses rolling into town.

And that's fine as long as they register with city hall.

Bradford Mayor Ernest Pounds says, "On their permit they would put their name, address, phone number, their state license number if they have one, if they're bonded or not."

Bradford's mayor doesn't want his towns people victimized twice.

Once by the the storm and again by swindlers.

The town was hit hard.

6 people in Bradford.

Police headquarters are gone...the empty building was demolished in seconds.

Bradford's mayor worries about what will happen to his town.

Pounds continues, "We just started getting a drug store in Bradford which we haven't had for 7 years, just tried to get a dollar store which we've never had, trying to start a library which we've never had and then something like this is going to bother us tremendously trying to get anything to come in."

A Bradford church sign may say it best, the people here.

They're uncertain of their next step or move is but they know they'll recover.