Dyer county residents assess devastation

When you view the devastation, it's easy to understand why so many storm stories sound so similar.

Storm victim Beth Sampson says, "We have nothing left but a mailbox."

Name it and people like Beth Sampson lost it to the tornado. Her husband nearly lost his life.

Sampson continues, "He went to look at the hail, remembers being bounced off the walls, and woke up in a ditch three houses down."

Sampson and her little boy came to the family life center at the fair grounds seeking help. It's the place where a number of agencies have pooled resources and put them under one roof.

Dyer County sheriff Jeff Holt says, "Anyone who is needing help can come here and let the people know what they need so we can try and arrange help to them."

People are finding everything from non perishable items to toiletries and other household necessities lost in the storm.

Jonathan Quinn and his family of Newbern lost their home, were able to salvage some clothes, but that's about it.

Quinn continues, "We're fortunate enough to have survived it...so, we're glad about that anyway."

And he's glad to know there are people to help his family survive the aftermath of storm as well.

Quinn says, "Us Tennesseans are strong people...we'll make it happen and come through this...I'm very confident of that."

People in Dyer County can seek assistance at the Family Life Center at the Dyer County fairgrounds from 9 AM until 4 PM each day.