Communities offer aid to tornado victims

Joe Frank Reagan spent part of Wednesday morning loading donated water into his truck. Reagan's home was hit hard by Sunday's tornado.

"We couldn't get to the house," he said.

Reagan and others are gave thanks Wednesday to Oak Grove Church of Christ for providing a daily lunch to storm victims.

"I think it's a great thing for everybody to get out and go get something to eat," he said. "Then come back and clean up and get their lives straightened back up."

While Reagan and others are were getting a free meal, down the road people were paying.

"Our hearts are just breaking for these people so any little thing we can do, buy hot dog or hamburger to support that," said Ninette Williams, a worker at another event designed to help victims.

Food and workers were donated by Huish, a local detergent plant that lost two employees in the storm. Money that was donated was assigned to the Red Cross.

"This is our community, our neighbors, our relatives that need help and you see the response," said Red Cross worker Larry Martrm.

Storm victims were offered hot food inside the Dyer County Fair Grounds. Inside a fairgrounds building, victims found food and a clearinghouse of information and help. For people like Walter Hall, who lost his home, it was great help.

"For two nights, we stayed with her sister," Hall said of his wife. "I'm not starving. The realization hasn't hit me yet."

It was a sentiment echoed by many in the area.