Pastor speaks of hope as church is torn down

What took a twister seconds to tear apart, took a machine hours to knock down Wednesday morning, at Christ United Methodist Church in Millsfield.

"We're just hauling off the wreckage that's left waiting for a truck to haul it out of here," said Walter Asher, pastor of the church.

As Church members looked on, Asher spoke about moving on.

"We're going to be here Sunday," Asher said. "The weather should be good. We'll figure out what we're going to do."

Pastor Asher was grateful for volunteers from Love in Action, who showed up to help move bricks that can be used again.

Volunteers like Cosby could be found all over the storm ravaged area. In almost all cases, no one asked them to show up..they just did, and when they finished helping in one place they move on to the next.