Local radio stations organize fundraiser for areas hit hard by tornados

Mid-Southerners who don't even live in the storm-ravaged regions are stepped in to help out Wednesday.

At a fundraiser organized by local radio stations, hundreds of people donated items including water, chips, toiletries, money, and anything else that could help survivors get back on their feet.

"You hear it on the radio, and you see it on the news," said Leann Smith. "You want to do something, but without everyone getting together and actually saying, "hey, we're gonna do this," it wouldn't be possible."

FM100, 93x, and Country Legends 79 organized the fundraiser, collecting donations in the Kroger Parking lot at Germantown Parkway and Dexter Road. Hope Presbyterian Church will deliver the supplies to First United Methodist Church in Dyersburg. From there, the items will go straight to those in need.

"They lost just about everything," said donor Tonya Jones. "It could happen to anybody."

It was a generous spirit shared by many at the event.