Alligators spotted in Memphis

When you think of wildlife in downtown Memphis, you think of Beale Street. You may want to start thinking about McKellar Lake.

Omar Davis was bass fishing Sunday when he saw something more alligator. Even park rangers were surprised. "To see one in Tennessee of course if very unique," says ranger David England.

England told us there are alligators in McKellar Lake, at least two of them. He says one is roughly 4-5 feet in length the other is bigger at 6-7 feet. He can't say for sure where they came from but he says there are theories, "down in Florida and the Gulf Coast they're fairly common and evidently now they are migrating up the Mississippi River."

We took a trek through T.O. Fuller State Park. We found deer tracks, and what looked like raccoon tracks, but no alligators. We thought we spotted one..turned out it was just a tire. It's probably better we didn't see any gators. "We're not advocating that anybody goes out and tries to approach these animals," says England, "any wild animal because there is some danger involved.

England says alligators are not typically aggressive as long as they're left alone. If the idea of an alligator bite isn't enough to keep you away from the reptiles consider this...alligators are a protected species in Tennessee so it's illegal to harass them.