Family tries to make sense out of Gatewood death

"It's sad when you get to the age of 83 you can't just die in peace," says Cora Gatewood's niece Ann

Three generations of grieving Gatewood relatives try to make sense of what happened to a woman so many people loved.

Waller continues, "She didn't never complain about nothing. She was just ha

Ann Waller looked up to her Aunt Cora...

She even expected her to out-live most of the family.

"Even though she was old, she was still a little fighter, she was a fighter...yeah," says

Police say someone burglarized Miss Cora's house over the weekend...then quietly killed the 83-year-old church goer.

Lt. Joe Scott with the Memphis police department says, "On Sunday when she missed church unfortunately, church members got concerned and went to check on her well-being...and that's when she was discover

James Ward and Miss Cora were neighbors for 20 years.

He saw the spot where the burglar got in.

Gatewood's neighbor James Ward says, "And I looked, and she said the window been broke. Somebody I guess broke in there when she got back Friday evening, and I imagine was just in the house waiting on her and killed h

It's hard for James to talk about the woman he called friend.

Waller says, "That's all I got to

For Ann and her's even harder.

"It's devastating for the whole family, we can't believe this. I mean, you hear of things happening, but you never think it's gonna happen to you," continues

Police want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Waller continues, "I believe there's some good people in that area that don't want this going on and could provide us with some informat