Bumper stickers cause police response

It's a mobile method of expression.

Bumper stickers and magnets are used to support the police, the team, the troopers and the troops.

But if you get carried away police say you could be fined.

"The law says if its obscene or distracts another driver then its illegal." says Covington Police Captain Tim Glass.

When Covington police looked into a recent complaint about pornographic videos playing in car dashboards they discovered many other vehicle violations.

"I mean you have everything from a bumper sticker to the male anatomy hanging off of vehicles." said Glass.

"Yea I think I'd be offended to see that." said Covington Antique store operator Cindi Sinclair.

Even those visiting Covington were happy to hear that the local police plan step up their enforcement of a law that makes such items illegal. But how does the law define offensive?

"I guess if it reads obscenity or if its obscene to you its probably obscene to others so we just go by that." said Glass.

Police say the obscenity factor isn't their only concern. They consider the distraction a safety issue.

They've already started handing out warnings. If cited and convicted the offense carries a maximum fine of 50 dollars.