Mobile homes for hurricane victims could be given to tornado victims

Mobile homes being stored in Hope, Arkansas could be given to tornado victims, but an Arkansas emergency official says that might not be ideal.

Dave Maxwell of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management said moving mobile homes into hard-hit areas isn't ideal because it takes a long time. He suggested it's better to move victims into local homes or apartments, but that's not always possible. FEMA has stored 10,300 trailers at Hope for Gulf Coast hurricane victims.

Governor Mike Huckabee, along with Senators Lincoln and Pryor, say victims of recent tornadoes should be allowed to use them. The National Weather Service said damage in Arkansas was caused by three tornadoes Sunday, which left trails of destruction on the ground. FEMA spokesman David Passey said Huckabee asked the federal government yesterday for a disaster declaration for hard-hit Greene County.

Maxwell said tornado victims might be able to use the mobile homes if the federal government makes a disaster declaration.