Schools help students cope after tornados

Students at Northview Middle School in Newbern are attending classes as usual but it hasn't been a normal week for them..some of them were directly affected by Sunday's storm and one of their classmates, Tyler Keierleher, died in the storm along with his mother and stepfather. Principal Tony Jones said the school brought in grief counselors to help students cope.

"They're asking a lot of questions, so counselors spent a lot of time talking with them and telling them sometimes there's no answer for it," he said.

Part of the process in the grief counseling involved drawing pictures of penguins, something Tyler loved. The students plan to wear penguin tags to honor him at his memorial service. At Fifth Consolidated Elementary School the teachers have tried to keep the days as normal as possible.

Schools in the area frequently have severe weather drills, but they are purposely not having any this week because they don't want to scare the children.

"We've had counselors talk to try to keep things on a normal routine as possible," said Principal Greg Cherry. "We won't go out into a tornado drill unless we just have to."

For now, students play on the playground, but they are also looking at the skies that brought such havoc earlier in this week.