Dyer county residents share storm story

Charlie and Mamie McKinney remain stunned by the storm and what it did to their home of 20 years.

"Just upset for me to see it like that," says Mamie.

The couple and their dog survived by hiding in a closet under the stairs.

"We got to the safest place we thought was safe, you know," says Mamie.

Their house was picked up and thrown back down. The McKinneys' say they will NEVER forget the sound.

"It sounded like a train is what it sounded like," says Mamie.

"And the closer it would get to you the louder it would get," says Charlie.

They never saw the tornado that tore down their home. But we did, courtesy of an amateur videographer. Action News Five got the video from the Dyersburg State Gazette. Not only can you see the massive funnel cloud, but hear the warning sirens echo in the background as well. The tornado can be seen moving behind Dyer County High School. Folks believe it was the exact tornado that tore through the community of Millsfield. The twister then moved toward Newbern where the McKinney's home stood in its path.

"I know we was blessed cause a lot of them didn't survive," says Charlie.

This couple is just thankful they did.

"Just happy to be alive and thank the lord for taking care of us cause that's who took care of us," says Mamie.