Family expresses anguish after early morning double homicide

A Mid-South family demanded answers Monday after an early morning double murder that police describe as "graphic".

Police officials said they detained several people for questioning in the case, but have not yet charged a suspect. Family members at the scene believed they knew who was responsible, but could not make sense of why the murders happened.

"They said they got into an argument this morning around five, and she was screaming for help, but nobody would go help her," family member Latrisha Readus said.

Readus said her aunt and grandfather lived in the apartment. A neighbor who heard the disturbance told Readus when he went upstairs to complain, the noise stopped, and the woman's boyfriend answered the door.

That neighbor didn't call police, but officers were on the scene hours later, when another relative made the terrible discovery.

"She came in, and she seen my auntie laying in the floor in a puddle of blood laying on her stomach, and my granddaddy laying in the bed on his stomach, with his arm hanging off the bed and his face had been bashed in," Readus said. She said they were images that would stay with her forever, along with memories of an beloved aunt.

The deaths marked the 41st and 42nd homicides of 2006.