Tiger Coach Calipari courted by N.C. State

Still hot from an incredible season, Memphis Tiger Basketball Coach John Calipari is being courted by another university.

Representatives from North Carolina State were in the Bluff City over the weekend, trying to convince Coach Cal to turn his blue and grey Tiger Stripes into Wolfpack Red.

A source close to the negotiations told Action News 5's Dave Cera that the University is prepared to raise Calipari's base salary up to $1.7 million, however anything beyond that would become a dicey proposition. It was clear Monday to those close to the negotiations that they have not gone smoothly.

Meanwhile, emotions ran high from callers on the "Sports Bar" radio show on AM radio station Sports 56.

"Some guys are gonna say, 'wait, he's holding you for ransom again,'" said radio host Dave Woloshin. "Others realize how unique and important John Calipari is to this program."

Harold Byrd, one of the owners of the Bank of Bartlett, is a huge tiger booster. He thinks the college will pay fair market value for Coach Cal.

"I think the pockets should be deep enough hopefully to keep him," Byrd said. "Again though, the market economics of college basketball and football could rightfully criticize they've gone beyond where they should be."

But they've yet to work out a deal, and the price is going up by the minute.

Calipari is said to be upset about the delay in getting a new deal worked out. If they could have done so a couple weeks ago, the price would have been less. Now, N.C. State is in the mix potentially pushing the envelope as high as $2 million per year.