New exhibit at the National Civil Rights Museum focuses on the Holocaust

Their eyes tell a story of survival...and liberation.

Each face...a witnesses to one of the most important and frightening periods in world history: the Holocaust.

Barbara Andrews with the National Civil Rights Museum says, "The exhibit really asks the people to look into the eyes of each one of these black and white photographs..."

Barbara Andrews is Chief Curator at the National Civil Rights Museum...

Andrews opened the museum's latest exhibit Monday, "Living On: Portraits of Tennessee Survivors and Liberators" impressive collection of stories...and stares.

"We get a chance to look deeply into their eyes...into their begs us to see the humanity in these people and to consider the inhumane-ness of the Holocaust," Andrews continues.

Each portrait is that of a Holocaust survivor or liberator now "LIVING ON" in the Mid-South.

Their stories are devastating...

Their stares, determined.

Andrews says, "People want to tell their stories so that others can learn from them...and they can take from them the lessons of forgiveness and moving forward."

A lesson we're never too old to learn.