State senator files resolution to remove Ophelia Ford

A Memphis fire station on Thomas was the polling site where so many votes were questioned and why there are doubts whether Ophelia Ford actually beat Terry Roland in the District 29 race.

Monday, Senate Majority Leader Ron Ramsey filed another resolution calling for Ophelia Ford to be removed from her Senate Seat.

Ramsey called his resolution a "back up."

That's because a special Senate Committee is currently reviewing the election and should issue a ruling by Thursday.

12 votes have been disqualified.

Some because the actual voter is dead, others because the voter lived out of district.

That leaves just one legitimate vote between Ford and Roland.

We caught up with Senator Jim Kyle who's on the committee investigating the election.

Kyle says, "If we hadn't gotten ahead of ourselves, we wouldn't have been in Federal Court and this would have been resolved weeks ago. I just think it's better to let the process work and try to handle it."

David Cocke is Ophelia Ford's attorney,

cocke replies, "Senator Ramsey hasn't learned a lesson from Judge Donald that we need due process and not making up our minds before we hear the facts and the arguments."

Last month letters were sent to 44 voters to confirm they live in District 29.

The Senate Committee is set to take up the election and make a ruling on its legalityThursday.