NC State Puts Full Court Press on Tigers Calipari

Still hot from an *incredible* season, ANOTHER university is courting Memphis Coach John Calipari...

Is leaving the Tigers?

**It could easily come down to Calipari having to choose between the perks of his job here in Memphis with a big company like FedEx behind him...or leaving for a few hundred thousand more at NC State.

**He would have to rebuild that program while competing in the more prestigious ACC against powerhouses like Duke and North Carolina.

**As for Calipari's whereabouts today...there is conflicting information.

** reports a source close to Calipari says he and his staff flew to Raleigh this afternoon and toured the campus.

**At 4 o'clock, my source who is also close to Calipari says Cal denied making the trip, but said they were prepared to go AND would if a deal could not be reached quickly with the U of M.

Now whether they went later this evening is unknown.

As for the University, their official stance is that they will not renegotiate his contract in the media, and when the talks to come to a conclusion, they will make a statement.