Threats and an alleged robbery top this week's Campus Crime Report

Deadly threats in a homework assignment, an attack with an iron pipe and an alleged robbery at gunpoint. It's all in this week's campus crime report.

Police recovered a box cutter from a student at Chickasaw Junior High School.

A student at Havenview Middle School was issued a felony weapons charge for carrying a 3 inch paring knife...

While a Southaven High School student was charged for carrying a butcher knife to school.

A Germantown High School student was taken into custody after police found a 25 caliber semi automatic handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition hidden in a locker.

In that same locker at Germantown High School officers also found 36 grams of marijuana.

Drugs were also found at Humes Middle School...where an 8th grader was caught carrying pot in a back pack.

Two Southaven Middle school students were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A Northside High School student told police he was walking to class when someone jumped out from beneath a stairwell, demanded money, held a gun to his head and said "you're fixing to die today" . According to the victim, the suspect heard people coming and ran out a door.

Several vehicles were vandalized while parked at East High School. One victim's window was shattered and his wallet stolen.

A Fairley High School student told police she was at school when she was jumped and struck in the head, face and back with an iron pipe. When police witnessed the incident on the school's video surveillance tape, they arrested three students.

A Chickasaw Junior High school student was arrested for assault after he stated in a written assignment that he gets so angry with one of his classmates that sometimes he wants to kill her.

A Desoto Central Middle School student was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, public profanity and resisting arrest.