City seniors concerned about transportation

Fannie Gamble admits she knows more about planting bulbs than planning budgets.

Still, she wound up right in the middle of the CITY's budget battle.

Gamble says, "It didn't make me feel good. I was wondering why would they work on the old people so much?"

For years Gamble relied on the City's Senior Transport Service to take her to the Lewis Senior Center on North Parkway.

But last week her ride went away, because all of a sudden, she lives too far away.

Under new city policy, vans will only take seniors to centers within five miles of their home.

"I knew that cut me out," Gamble continues.

And Gamble isn't the only one who feels the policy is unfair.

Gamble says, "If you've been going to the other center for 10 years, it's like your second home, the people there are like your family.

We didn't want to displace anyone or leave them out. We wanted to find them someplace to be active."