Police actively investigate Logan Young case

It took Memphis Police eight hours to finally confirm the identify of the man found dead at 226 Goodwyn.

"Logan Young Junior," said Lt. Joe Scott late Tuesday afternoon.

Police say Young's body was discovered by his housekeeper just before nine Tuesday morning. The 65 year-old had been brutally beaten.

"We understand the attack was bloody and that there was evidence throughout the home," said Sgt. Vince Higgins with MPD.

"It's hard to get into what happened in there because we don't want that public knowledge," added Scott.

Plenty of people had already heard enough.

"Terrible, unbelievable," described one neighbor.

"Sometimes they say where it's least expected, it happens," said neighbor Sue Welch.

Several women who described themselves as Logan Young's long time friends were allowed in the driveway as his body was removed from the house. One lady broke the news to other friends from a long list of names. At times, visitors were visibly upset.

"I've known he's been very generous and a caring Memphian," said Gayle Rose.

Rose lived down the street from Young and knew him socially.

"I think everybody in the neighborhood is pretty shook up over this," she added.

However, many do not believe this was a random act. The Chickasaw Gardens neighborhood has 24 hour security and people there tell us they are not concerned for their safety. Investigators will return to the scene Wednesday morning. The evidence gathering process could take two more days.