Police continue "death investigation" in Logan Young case

Wednesday, Memphis Police changed the focus of their investigation into the death of a prominent Memphis millionaire.

The crime scene tape was gone Wednesday, and so were the dozens of police officers at Logan Young's Chickasaw Gardens home. Two men who were at the home said they were hired security guards, and not connected to the Memphis Police Department.

With these changes, just one day after Young's death, came a twist from the police. On Tuesday, police officials told the media Young's death was the result of a brutal attack, and that there was blood all over the house. That day, Memphis Police Department spokesman Sgt. Vince Higgins was quoted saying, "It's a homicide."

Wednesday, a news release sent by Higgins called the department's activity a "death investigation," and said the cause and manner of death were pending.

Police have interviewed several people in the case, including Young's son, who they said was very cooperative.

While the investigation continues, people who knew Logan Young drove by his house. Margie Bowen worked next door to Young and knew his mother.

"I was just shocked," she said.

Roy Adams, a friend of Young's until they had a falling out over a personal matter, was also curious.

"I wanted to look and see the physical appearance of the house," Adams said, "and then wave a cross to the house."